Video Conferencing API & SDK: Ways of Integration and Collaboration

TrueConf solutions support integration with third party applications and services as well as integration with external web sites thanks to TrueConf API. There are both easy methods to make calls via visicall: and more difficult ones based on API and SDK.


Option 1. TrueConf API

API is available in every version of TrueConf Server, including the free version. This feature require some basic programming skills, but give a lot of power. You can easily integrate TrueConf Server to your business processes, intranet services or products by means of industry standard RESTful API.

Option 2. Creating a product based on TrueConf SDK

TrueConf SDK allows to develop your own mobile applications for video conferencing based on TrueConf technology and to add video conferencing to a legacy application or service.

The significant difference between SDK and API is that users do not not need to install a separate TrueConf application when SDK has been implemented to your product. All video conferencing features are available for your own mobile application.

Available for mobile platform:

  • Android (Android Studio): 2.3 (Gingerbread) – 5.1.1 (Lollipop)
  • iOS (XCode) – 7.0+


  • High quality video calls and conferences integrated in your applications.
  • Support of all TrueConf video conferencing modes.
  • Integration with legacy SIP/H.323 video conferencing systems.
  • Absolute freedom in implementation of business logic and interfaces beyond a video conferencing session.
  • Adding your logo or changing interface icons in a video conferencing session.
  • Full TrueConf API support for organization and planning video conferencing sessions.

Option 3. Using video conferencing widget for browsers


Every scheduled public conference in TrueConf Server has an HTML widget which can be embedded to any web site. The widget contains a window with a conference details and Join button. Every browser and platform are supported, we’ll take care of your participants using WebRTC or native TrueConf apps.

Users of mobile applications can also use this widget. If the browser does not support WebRTC technology, the user can join the video conference automatically by downloading TrueConf mobile application.

Public conferences extension is available in the full version of TrueConf Server only and requires additional licensing.

Option 4. Calling TrueConf protocol (visicall)

Option 5. Impossible is nothing

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