TrueConf Enterprise Video Conferencing System

TrueConf Enterprise is a specific license for large companies with numerous employees and geographically distributed branch offices. It offers unlimited video conferencing tools that can be used anywhere!

TrueConf Enterprise Video Conferencing System is a set of several TrueConf Servers with common user databases working together as a single unit. Connection between TrueConf Server users is provided by integration with LDAP and a DNS-server. A user connects to their TrueConf Server, which has access to an LDAP-server with a copy of a global LDAP database.

Who needs TrueConf Enterprise?
  • Telcos and IT services providers;
  • Large-scale companies with branch offices distributed within a country or internationally;
  • Clients who are scaling and downsizing video conferencing systems based on TrueConf Server.

If there are more than 150 employees in your company who are geographically distributed, TrueConf Enterprise is the best choice for your organization. This product is the perfect tool to organize video conferencing between users in any part of the country. You do not need to bother yourself with questions on how to organize multipoint video conferences between branch offices anymore — we will do it for you! Our solutions are easy to use and can provide coverage for large territories. TrueConf Enterprise is designed for a modern user who is interested in high-quality video conferencing without boundaries.


Major Components

DNS-server contains all current TrueConf Servers addresses. Client applications and system servers all have access to the DNS-server.

LDAP-servers are united into one system with support for a global user database.

Each TrueConf Server has access to the nearest LDAP-server. Changes on LDAP are duplicated on servers by means of directory tools — Microsoft Active Directory and 389 Directory. TrueConf servers use directories to store the data required to connect different TrueConf servers. Users can be added and edited by means of standard LDAP tools. TrueConf Server gets this information from LDAP.

User Capabilities

Users can:

  • Query information on any TrueConf Server client application status from the server.
  • Make video calls and invite users of any server into group video conferences.
  • Hold virtual meetings with other users.
  • Connect to another server in order to participate in video conferences.
Administrator Capabilities

Administrators can:

  • Edit users data with LDAP.
  • Set up default user address books with users from LDAP group.


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