• Pre-constructed pipe networks
  • Various mounting options
  • Out-of-the-box operation
  • Stand-alone system – no need for a dedicated fire alarm panel
  • Relays and RS485 based integration
  • Aspiration system specially designed for small areas <100m2
  • Up to 4 class-A aspiration pipe
  • openings
  • Eliminates the effects of diluted and high flow air with ventilation
  • Eliminates downtime and business interruptions
  • Gives more reaction time for remote locations


RapidProtector is a self-contained system for the rapid deployment of VESDA-qualty smoke detection in locations requiring temporary coverage for fire prevention, like sites under construction. The unit includes a VESDA VLQ with a fixed pipe network, capable of protecting areas 1,000 sq-ft or less. The VLQ communicates to a central station thorough connectivity provided by a HeiTel CamServer unit over 3G/4G mobile networks. The system can optionally connect with a SmokeTrace installation to deliver remote video verfication of a smoke treat.

Model Numbers: RapidProtector-00


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