Presence Sensor (24V)

The Esylux PD C360i/8 24V PIR Sensor is designed for indoor use and is ideal for ceiling mounting.

  • 360° field of detection and if mounted at a height of 3m has a range of 8m.
  • 0-10V output for measuring light levels.

In order to measure light levels, you’ll need a device which can work with a 0-10V standard signal.



Presence detector for ceiling mounting with a 360° field of detection and a range of up to 8m. Masks interference sources by reducing sensitivity using DIP switches

Technical Details
  • Supply Voltage: 12 – 24V
  • Field of detection: 360°
  • Range of detection: up to 8m when mounted at a height of 3m
  • Output for light measurement (0-10V), Range 5 to 2000 Lux
What’s in the box?
  • 1 x 24V Indoor Presence Detector 24V
  • 1 x Datasheet


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