Advantages of the POLUS GSM ASD
  • Ready to operate as soon as installed battery power is detected;
  • Operates on a single battery for up to 1 year;
  • Alarm notifications via call & SMS;
  • Automatically identifies remaining balance inquiry number;
  • Miniature in size, minimal footprint;
  • Set-up using mobile Apps (Android, iOS).


The “Polus GSM ASD” monitors water level (or any other non-aggressive liquid) and upon overflow, an alarm notification is transmitted via a call and SMS to the owner’s telephone.

How does it work?

The “Polus GSM ASD” device will notify you in the event of flooding in apartments, offices, homes, basements, garages, storage sheds, etc. In addition, the “Polus GSM ASD” will notify when a water/ liquid bearing tank is filled up; for example, a pool.

Recommended locations for installing the “Polus GSM ASD” are: bathhouses, plumbing junctions, kitchens, hot water heating systems, basements, etc.

In order to determine water level, the “Polus GSM ASD” utilizes a water flow sensor containing “open” electrodes and upon the water level rising, the water “closes” the electrodes, causing a triggered notification to be transmitted.

The overflow flood sensor uses a 6 m cable to link up with the alarm device; this might be handy for basement and/or garage installations, when an intermittent or weak GSM signal is encountered and the alarm device needs to be re-positioned and/or raised.


The “Polus GSM ASD” is compact, operates autonomously and wirelessly using a single battery for a period of up to one year (subject to properly following operating instructions). Additionally, the device is simple and easy to set up and use.


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