FINGER007SRB Fingerprint Reader

• Multi language display support
• Time Schedule Setting
• Identification is made using only the fingerprint without using any cards or keypads.
• Anti-Pass Back Mode
• RS232, RS422, RS485, TCP/IP(Optional) communication
• Users / Event Buffers : 50,000Users / 50,000 Events


13.56MHz Fingerprint is Stored Standalone Controller (RF/PIN / Fingerprint / Network)

Fingerprint & 13.56MHz [MIFARE] Smart Card Reader and Fingerprint Verification
Read Portable Smart Card that is stored Fingerprint Template programmed on PRG2000B
Dual Function for Access Control and Time & Attendance
Dynamic Control of Memory up to 50,000 Users / up to 50,000 Event Buffers (Available on VA.1.0 and up)
* 20,000 Users / 30,000 Event Buffers (Buffers (Available on V9.6.0)
ID only Function for Fingerprint Unregisterable Person through Smart Card is programmed by PRG2000B
Decode Encrypted Biometrics Data using Patented Encryption Algorithm
Protected ID and Fingerprint Template Copy
Support STAR PRG2000B Programmer with ID & Fingerprint Template
issuing Software
Standalone / Network Communication via RS232 / RS422 / RS485 (Max.32ch)
RS485 is not available on VA.1.0 and up
TCP/IP Communication supported
VA.1.0 and above : Internal LAN module required(optional)
V9.6.0 and below : External Converter required(optional)
Independent 4 Inputs and 4 Outputs including 2ea of 2 Form-C Relay Outputs
1ea of External Reader Port for Anti-passback Function: 26bit Wiegand, 4 / 8bit Burst for PIN
No need to manage Fingerprint Templates
Flexible Quality Solution to suit Any Applications
Secure Sign-on Facility
High Protection from Scratch and ESD (Electro Static Discharge)
High Quality Optical Sensor
Dual Tamper Switches
Mode Selection: SMART only / SMART+ P/W (4digit) SMART+ Fingerprint / SMART+ P/W (4digit) + Fingerprint
Compatible Reader: SR10B, SR30B, SRK101B


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