Advantages of the EXPRESS GSM1
  • Operates on a single battery for up to six month
  • Operates within a temperature environment range of -10 to +50 ℃
  • Arms and disarms via a keychain remote control
  • Compact size


EXPRESS GSM 1 is a unique PIR motion detector alarm that is capable of operating on a single battery for up to six months!

How does it work?

The PIR motion detector utilizes a SIM card (sold and purchased separately for installation into the motion detector device) in order to notify the owner of an alarm via a telephone calls and SMS messages to the owner’s and any additional telephones (up to six telephone numbers can be used).

Upon detection of movement inside a radius of 10 meters, EXPRESS GSM 1 places a call and sends an SMS message to your mobile telephone number.

The EXPRESS GSM 1 device

Contains its own built-in GSM module allowing it to be directly managed from your mobile telephone.

In order to download and install our iPhone & Android software applications, simply navigate to the SUPPORT section of our website.

* The EXPRESS GSM 1 motion detector comes with a one year manufacturer’s guarantee.


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