Advantages of the DIP GSM SSD
  • Ready to operate as soon as installed battery power is detected;
  • Operates on a single battery for up to 3 years;
  • Alarm notifications via call, SMS & siren;
  • Automatically self-monitors device dust levels;
  • Set-up using mobile Apps (Android, iOS).


The “DIP GSM SSD” recognizes and responds to the presence of smoke stemming from a fire and transmits an alarm notification via voice and SMS to the owner’s telephone.

Tells you about the alarm

This device will facilitate response to the initial outbreak of fire, help minimize material damage loss and possibly save lives.The “DIP GSM SSD” can be used to protect apartments, offices, residential & vacation homes, etc. Simultaneously, in addition to transmitting fire alarm notifications to up to 6 telephones, the “DIP GSM SSD” engages a built-in siren to alert individuals located in the nearby vicinity.

Smoke detectors, like the “DIP GSM SSD” , are commonly mounted and installed on the ceiling; the base of the unit attaches with screws to the ceiling and then a removable section snaps in. This design feature facilitates the easy replacement of batteries by turning the removable section counter clockwise and separating it from the base.

Operational modes of the “DIP GSM SSD” are reflected by the flashing diode light located on the body of the device indicating Standby, Fire, Low Battery or Device Dust Level. A test alarm can be triggered by passing a magnet near the arrow located on the body of the “DIP GSM SSD”.

The “DIP GSM SSD” is an inconspicuous single battery operated device with the ability to autonomously provide wireless GSM protection for a period of up to three years (subject to properly following operating instructions). Additionally, the device is simple and easy to set up and use.

The “DIP GSM SSD” does not draw attention to itself until a fire breaks out. In the event of a fire, the “DIP GSM SSD” will alarm and alert in time to save property and lives. Remember; it’s easier to extinguish a fire early, prior to it raging out of control.


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