Cloud Video Conferencing Service. Internet Video Conferencing

  • Free FullHD calls and 3-way video conferencing
  • Multipoint UltraHD video conferences with up to 120 participants
  • Compatible with Windows, OS X, iOS and Android
  • High video and audio quality on any Internet connection
  • Trusted by over 3 million users worldwide


Advantages of TrueConf Online Cloud Video Conferencing

  • You do not need to host or rent a multipoint bridge: everything is managed through the cloud.
  • You are able to enjoy video communication in any part of the world via the Internet.
  • You save energy, time and money on business trips.
  • You make your remote resource management more effective.
  • You can enjoy a huge range of collaboration tools: chat, recording, slideshows, desktop sharing, and status tools.
  • Due to Scalable Video Coding (SVC) technology, every participant receives the best possible video quality.
  • TrueConf’s global coverage guarantees a great audio and video experience anywhere in the world.
Group video conferenceGroup video conference


Virtual meetingVirtual meeting

Compare TrueConf Online and TrueConf Server

  • TrueConf Server users enjoy the advantages of videoconferencing through LAN, Internet, or on their virtual private network (VPN).
  • TrueConf Server users can hold video meetings with up to 250 participants using various channels, including satellite channels.
  • TrueConf Online service users can hold group multipoint video conference with up to 9 participants where everyone can be seen and heard by the others. By comparison, TrueConf Server users have access to multipoint video conferencing with 25 participants.
  • TrueConf Server users have special options which allow delimitation of user rights or integration of TrueConf Server system with SIP equipment.
  • TrueConf Online users are able to pay monthly, whereas a TrueConf Server license is purchased for either a year or for an unlimited period.


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