Cameras that listen

Sounds can be the first sign of an escalating hostile act. Enhance your security with sound detection.

Many security incidents are preceded or initiated by some kind of noise. And if you’re exposed to incidents that involve e.g. aggressive behavior, gunshots or breaking glass, cameras with sound detection capabilities add great value to your security system. They can automatically alert for potential and real incidents as they occur, and enable quick, relevant actions to minimize the consequences.

The solution is based on an Axis camera with partner software for advanced audio analytics. It continuously “listens” for pre-defined noises and initiates an alert when it hears something. This ensures immediate attention by security operators, who quickly can evaluate the situation by watching live video feeds from the alerting and nearby cameras. It is also possible to add speakers to the system, enabling remote, immediate communication with the perpetrators to prevent escalation.

Cameras with audio analytics add proactivity to your passive surveillance system. They enable quick and remote response when seconds matter in a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • Public transit systems, where staff and passengers can be exposed to intoxicated persons and disorderly behavior. Early aggression detection reduces the risk of violence by enabling intervention at the verbal stage, before escalation to physical aggression.
  • Prisons and correctional facilities, by adding a valuable “trouble sensor” in an environment where inmates often deliberately avoid the camera’s eye.
  • Small stores at night, where automatic sound alerts can shorten the response time in cases of aggression and armed robbery. And when the store is closed at night, the solution automatically alerts for breaking glass to ensure quick burglary intervention.