Intruder Alarm System

Protect Your Organization from Unauthorized Access. Monitor and Control all the Security staffs. It's designed to detect fires & thives.

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What is Intruder Alarm system?

Intruder alarm sytem is an automatic system consist of some security products like – Motion Detector, IDC, Fire Detector as well as Sirens.

It will secure your home & business. Our advance security system is more then that. Our System is completely automated and can be monitored and Controled by your Devices.

Intruder Alarm System


Outdoor Streaming Motio Video commercial works as an waterproof motion sensor video camera system. It’s not like any general wireless connectivity. It is working with 868MHZ connectivity that is military grade.

It’s passive interface sensor sanese from 12miter (37feet) and send 9-12sec video to the control panel.

W Panel

The W panel is a wireless alarm system which adapts itself to the availability of transmission networks. During an intrusion, the W Panel is able to transmit alarms and videos on the ETHERNET network (and/or optionally Wifi) or GPRS.

W panel

our Intruder Alarm System

Motion Detection

Motion Detection

Our Intellegence system can detect all the motions and avoid false alarm of animals (cats, rats, etc) and will send you a video if any suspecious activity happened!

Fire Detection

Fire Ditection

No only fire detection but also light can be detected with it's intellegent sensors! and send quick alerts to the authority

Long Lasting Battery

It long lasting battery will give you extra comfort. The devices are completely wireless and last upto 4 Years!

Complete Automation

Our system is completely automated. It can monitor all the things by sensors and start sairen even can call or send video to its supervisor.

Easy Mobile Control

It's user friendly interfase won't give users any hassle. If you have only a mobile weather it is android or iOS no matter will give to monitor all the things.


Total Wireless System

All the accessories of our intruder alarm system are totally wireless and battery controles, so no hassle with wire.

How Our Intruder Alarm System works?

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