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Burglar Alarm System – Total Home Security System In Bangladesh

What Is A Burglar Alarm System?

A basic protection of good mechanical quality is always the first step to enjoy a comprehensive Burglar Alarm System or home security system. It makes it difficult to access unwanted visitors to the house or the floor. However, given that any mechanical protection can be opened if the thief can act with impunity for long enough, the second step to give for the safety of the home should be to install an alarm system.

What is meant by a Burglar Alarm System?

Alarm systems are also commonly referred to as “anti-theft systems ” (EMA), “hazard warning systems ” (GMA), “anti-robbery systems ” (ÜMA), or non-intrusion systems. All common alarm systems operate according to the same technical principle: warning of intruders entering a building or protected area through various sensors. If smoke detectors, water or combustion gas are connected. These dangers will also be detected through a siren or a call to the emergency center, for example.

Burglar alarms have evolved a lot since their emergence, from the simplest systems capable of detecting the violation of doors, windows, glass breakage or strong impacts to modern programmable systems with infrared sensors capable of Detect movement by capturing body temperature.

The sensors used in the alarms are usually somewhat sensitive and precisely because of this it is so common that the alarms are triggered by any movement. This is a great inconvenience as you can’t stop ignoring how annoying the siren is sounding permanent. Despite the factories that are dedicated to developing this type of burglar alarm systems, they work on developing systems that are much more precise and not so sensitive to avoid this type of inconvenience.

What types of Burglar Alarm System are there?

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Not all burglar alarms are the same, as in fact many models are made specifically for cars, and others for homes, such as the case of “burglar alarms with central locking” which are very used in vehicles but are nothing Advisable in homes because in the slightest fault there is the risk that the doors will lock leaving us locked inside the house, or without allowing the entrance. In the case of cars the burglar alarms used are handled mainly with remote controls, which activate and deactivate the alarm when we think it is necessary, however, these burglar alarms also work with sensors that detect when the Car is about to be raped and that is where it is activated and not only locks all doors but also emits a warning siren.

How does a burglar alarm work?

Our aim to present to our clients the best solutions for the protection of their facilities, goods or bibliographic collection. It is precisely the purpose of installing an anti-theft alarm, to be the main tool for our clients to avoid raids at home or in the business or to interrupt any type of crime or aggression that is taking place.

One of the biggest worries about going on a trip, whether it’s business or vacation, is the fear of leaving our home without any inhabitant for several days; Although we have clear that the colony in which we live is safe and that for years that has not suffered an altercation of that type, will always be present the concern that it could be us who have the misfortune to break with that streak of zero altercations. There is also the case of the family that leaves happily on vacation and that the parents are tarnished the tranquility because they are constantly thinking about the security of the House that they have left alone.

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They are only two situations of many more than every day we have to confront, and that are symptoms of the insecurity that one lives in these times; Without a doubt it is when we realize that the advances of technology in the field of security have been developed in our favor and we can find the security that we thought lost.

In addition to alarm and alert the authorities, the deterrent function of the alarms is very important, that is why one of the key strategies when installing, is to hang distinctive plaques of the alarm company to communicate that this place is protected; of entry There is a high percentage in the number of robberies that have been avoided when seeing this type of signs. But when the robbery has been made and has managed to access the protected property, is when all technological systems begin to prevent them from taking ownership and avoid greater damage: After detection systems, are put in March photographic cameras, in addition to systems of call to the police authorities or either vigilantes and emergency services.


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