Law Enforcement Agencies

Prisons & correctional facilities Corner-mount, anti-ligature camera with built-in microphone and IR light Smart video solutions for greater security and efficiency Surveillance of correctional facilities is not only about protecting inmates and staff. It’s also about improving daily work processes and inmate behavior. Nextgen network video solutions provide live views from any

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Protecting the public and its assets Public safety and security is an important issue for governments at all levels. Both citizens and government officials wish for a daily life without having to face immediate threats and criminal actions. IP video surveillance has proven to be an efficient preventative tool to

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Critical infrastructure

Being prepared for everything is the best investment When you are responsible for a critical facility, you need to be prepared for all sorts of threats. Everything from incidents and theft to terrorism and natural disasters can cause process disruption and safety hazard.  With Nextgen surveillance solutions, you can manage

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Stadiums & venues

Visitor satisfaction guaranteed Stadiums and venues present similar challenges to their owners. They gather large crowds of people over short periods of time. Yet, visitors expect high operational efficiency and a safe experience without any incidents. Nextgen video solutions help you ensure visitor satisfaction by providing relevant information to authorized

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Hotels & restaurants

Run a smarter, safer restaurant If you work in a fast food restaurant, you’ve got a lot on your mind. It’s fast paced, there are long lines in the restaurant and the drive through. Then you also need to keep an eye out for things like sweethearters and credit card

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Protect your property and your profits It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that video cameras are an important component of an effective building security system. But many people don’t know that all cameras aren’t created equal. Or that network video solutions from Nextgen and our partners can not

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