Protect your property and your profits It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that video cameras are an important component of an effective building security system. But many people don’t know that all cameras aren’t created equal. Or that network video solutions from Nextgen and our partners can not only protect people and property, Continue reading

Other Industrial

Improving security Factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities often contain valuable raw material and goods that are attractive to thieves. Therefore it is important to have an efficient surveillance system to protect your property and assets. Several industries have chosen Nextgen network video solutions, and benefit from capabilities such as: Automatic alerts when someone enters the perimeter Continue reading


Cost-efficient and future-proof Are you looking for a way to improve the overall safety and security at your hospital or healthcare facility? And at the same time enable high-quality patient monitoring to increase the everyday efficiency? With a network video solution from Nextgen, you get a cost-efficient tool to: Effectively monitor critical areas such as emergency Continue reading


Turning challenges into possibilities Far too often we hear about educational facilities that have been exposed to vandalism, violence or burglary. As a result, valuable resources are lost to cumbersome repairs and investigations. A network video solution from Nextgen enables you to stay focused on your core business – education. It also gives you a Continue reading

Banking & finance

Evolving bank security Technology seems to evolve at a faster pace every day. And with every new step financial institutions take – from adding more ATMs and self-service stations to enabling mobile banking – criminals try new ways to circumvent security measures. True scalability and integration With Nextgen network video solutions, you can add more Continue reading


New possibilities in transportation environments Many authorities and companies have already discovered the benefits of Nextgen unique transportation offering. It brings them crystal clear images, both in real-time and recordings. It makes it possible for any authorized person to access relevant information from anywhere, at any time. It allows for automatic incident alerts and alarms. Continue reading