Military and Defense

When your ultimate mission is protecting the security of the entire continentalBangladesh or regions globally, a lot can happen in a day. At Nextgen, we believe in creating a safer, more secure world, and we understand the complexity and importance of your responsibilities.  Nextgen provides intelligent, high-performance, rapidly deployable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions via an IP video framework.  We innovate to help you maximize your surveillance capabilities, more efficiently leverage manpower, and increase your situational awareness. Nextgen solutions contribute to mission success.

We believe that the key to optimizing your security and harnessing the power of network video is to choose a partner with the knowledge, focus and resources to help fulfill both your short term goals and long-term vision. Nextgen products and solutions can help you to:

  • Protect the security of our country, citizens and assets
  • Optimize functions and operations
  • Provide timely and accurate information
  • Create advantages for military branches through intelligent video

The industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of professional network video products and solutions delivers the quality, reliability and flexibility to secure your goals and provide peace of mind.